Research & Innovation


At Zachry, we are dedicated to innovation and change. Some of our studies include:


Thermal Hot Spot Evaluation in API/ASME 579

Integral Mean of Yield Concept Applied to Thermal Hot Spots – Validation of a Level 2 Damage Assessment Method

Abstract: The overall framework for a Level 2 assessment of local thermal hot spot in pressure vessels was first developed by Seshadri [1]. The assessment procedure invokes the concept of integral mean of yield and the concept on a reference volume to determine the reduction of load capacity caused by hot spot damage. This paper investigates the accuracy of this assessment by comparing the results of the Level 2 assessment with a Level 3 assessment (inelastic finite element analysis). Three examples with varying pressure component and hot spot sizes are considered. The comparison yielded a low variance between the Level 2 and Level 3 assessments with the Level 2 assessment being more conservative.

The article is available for purchase on the ASME Digital Collection archive: PVP2018-85068 Apr 12


Truck Frame Brittle Fracture & Finite Element Analysis

This novel project involved developing a new approach towards brittle fracture analysis and finite element analysis. Read about our Success Story here.


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